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About US - We are CSD Global


Our Vision

Why should you recommend CSD Global? Simple: Raw creative talent combined with unparalleled professionalism. Your company's security would be enhanced by any way CSD Global handled it. CSD Global has the ability to design it, install it, and get the job done in a timely, proficient manner. We work closely with each other and our clients to expand our horizons, push the boundaries of what is possible and help shape the future of security technology.
The strength of our team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.


Our Mission

The mission is simple: help a generation of companies and their personnel stay safe. We begin with an innovative approach to integrating design and technology – all for the purpose of helping you at reasonable prices


Committed to Quality

Designing the best security system or giving you the best consultancy service is no simple task, but one we are committed to. From sourcing the highest quality equipment from around the world, to statistical analysis of its performance after the installation , we provide uncompromising quality and exceptional value.


Standard of Installation

CSD Global Install to BS 8418:2003 code of practice approved by ABI, ACPO, ASC NSI, SSAIB, the Data Protection Registrar & the Security Facilities Division of the Cabinet Office - we also support the following Home Office & Government led initiatives.






Recognised accreditation

CSD Global are now 2nd year accredited suppliers for the renowned Altuis scheme
If every product or service you bought was perfect, your business's success would be in your own hands. Unfortunately, the reality is different. Your valuable time and money is often wasted sorting out problems and managing your suppliers and contractors. Worse still, you could be buying in a significant risk to your business.

Altius provides a range of services that are designed to minimise the likelihood that your supply chain will put you at risk, increase your costs or waste your time.


Recognised Memberships

International Association for Counter terrorism and Security Professionals
Board members of The International Professional Security Association
National Association for Healthcare Security
ASIS International UK Chapter
National Business Crime Solution

Our Offices

We have two main offices,

76 King Street, Manchester, M2 4NH

16 High Holborn, London, WC1V 6BX

To keep to our environment policy all our engineers work remotely providing a 365 day a year reactive service second to none.

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