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World Class Investigations / Strategic Partnerships




The Investigations team at CSD Global has extensive experience in all areas of corporate investigations. We have been instrumental in detecting, investigating and preventing major corporate crime and the recovery of multi - million pound losses.
We provide lawyers, and accountants, with support strategies and action plans to ensure our clients have a fair chance of obtaining justice
CSD Global can help you create a robust security environment with  services that include current and emerging threat assessments,  policy review and development, and master planning.

Professionalise Today - Protect Tomorrow

Through our strategic partners at Intersol Global we can provide a fast reacting Major Incident Team to any corporate organisation worldwide.


Our team are world-leading experts in investigation  and interviewing, working with any entity that relies on accuracy, detail and facts to inform critical decision making and manage cases ‘extraordinarily’.




Extraordinary Case Management(c)




Understanding that a “case” is any business requirement, issue, project, transaction, or service; a ‘problem’ that is opened and closed, initiated and resolved over a period of time having achieved satisfactory outcome or resolution for the business; and that case progression will likely involve a series of processes, simple to complex, some common to all, and involve multiple persons inside and outside the organisation with varying relationships to each other, as well as documents, messages, and digital data, what makes case management ‘Extraordinary’?
Extraordinary Case Management (ECM®) is recognised as “outstanding”, exceptional, unexpected, and surpassing expectations. ECM® complements ‘extraordinary’ brands and reputations with commensurately exceptional processes that will deliver the very best to secure and protect that reputation and manage risk by enabling your decision-makers to act on the very best information available to them as a result of open-minded, non-judgmental, detailed, objective, and accurate workplace meetings (investigative interviews).
We don’t do ordinary, we are proudly exceptional and extraordinary in all we do, reputation is hard earned, paramount to us, and not to be abandoned at any price!